Ayush Homam- Paving The Way Towards A Prosperous Life

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Ayush Homam can put an end to your quest for a well-healed and promiscuous life. Hindus perform a religious ritual called homam in which blessings of deities are invoked. Ayush Homam is one such ritual that is performed for longevity and prosperity in life. The goal of this homam is hidden in the name itself. Ayush means the age and tenure of life and homam is the ritual for the invocation of gods and goddesses through the sacred fire. It is also believed that any offering fire is actually an offering to Sun. Thus any such offer enriches energy and destroys undesirable elements in the environment and the Mother Nature. In either ways it helps in protecting the environment. This is very important as protecting the environment means protecting our homes.

This homam is performed by learned purohits and aims at removing all obstacles from life. This is done to worship the god of life, which is Ayur Devatha. By doing this homam one can get the blessings from Ayur Devatha. For a healthy and long life, this homam is recommended at least once a year. This homam can be your remedy to any of your long-suffering ailments.

Through this homam one can reach closer to gods. Since gods are not easy to reach, therefore Agni acts as a mediator between the powerful deities and the ordinary souls. The offerings made to the fire please the gods and hence grants wishes like good health, wealth, success, progeny and keeping away evil powers. This homam can be performed during the Brahma Muhurta and also during the auspicious Horas.

Ayush Homa serves another very interesting purpose. There are possibilities of having the vibrations of previous births in a child's after he or she is born. Ayush Homam looks towards effacing these vibrations. Herbal sticks are applied to the present body. They would help in heating the body and mind, which will remove the poor Jenna karma (deeds of the past life) and hence make the child fit to live the present life. This homam can be performed on a monthly basis if a child is constantly ill. Ideally it should be performed on the day the child completes one year of age. It can also be conducted on a monthly basis. This would eradicate the evil effects caused by the day of the fortnight, day of the week and the constellation.

Ayush Homam provides relief from the sufferings caused by incurable diseases and sickness, it is a boon for longevity, and it can shun away life threats and also helps in the attainment of spiritual and material blessings. It can bestow one with the power and supremacy to be successful in all the endeavors. It can also rejuvenate the lives of poor and the destitute and of those who yearn for a longer life.

The ever lived devout youth Markandeya is called upon in this Homam to bless one with good well being and the will power to recover from ailments and other negative energies of life. Several other long lived ancient Seers like Ashwathama, Mahabali, Vyasa, Lord Hanuman, Vibheeshana, Kripacharya and Parashurama are also called upon to bless one with the blessings for a long and peaceful life.

Ayush Homa is certainly a solution to many of life's problems. Often it is not possible to arrange for this homam and this is more in case of those who have a busy schedule. They need not worry and can also get an online booking of this homam. Various sites offer online booking for Ayush Homam. BuyAstro is one of the options where online bookings for this homam are available.

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