Tim Gunn Stars In "sprays In The City"

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With the fashion design hit reality show, Project Runway, still a few months away, fans can still get their Tim Gunn fix via his recently released book, "A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style" and his animated alter ego, Tim Well-Done, in webisodes of the web-based series, Sprays in the City.

Sprays in the City is an animated program inspired by Candace Bushnell's highly successful Sex and the City, which was a consistent favorite on HBO. The animated show is a marketing tool employed by Unilever, in an effort to increase their visibility among a larger group of consumers. According to Javier Martin, who manages the brand at Unilever United States in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey: "Classical advertising is not as effective and efficient as it has been in the past, so we're looking for more innovative ways to reach our consumers."

The webisodes, which are streamed over the internet, are specifically intended to rouse awareness for two brands, I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and Wish-Bone Salad Dressing and their new line of spray version products. By capitalizing on people's obsession with celebrity gossip, Unilever hopes to widen their reach via this novel and eccentric advertising approach.

Mike Bauer, the vice president/general manager of Unilever, said in a statement: "In an increasingly fragmented media landscape, we must find new and unique ways to reach our consumer. It's important to be innovative in the digital age. These two brands are joining forces to not only engage consumers, but entertain them and keep them tuned in."

Sprays in the City features the voices of Fabio, Mark McGrath and Project Runway mentor, Tim Gunn as Tim Well-Done. The internet series stars Spraychel as the I Can't Believe It's Not Butter product and Spritzy as Wish-Bone's Salad Spritzer Dressing, and features their quest for love in a city full of drama, intrigue and gossip.

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