Mural Artists Wanted - Nowadays You Gotta Be More Than A Caveman

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In ancient times, there were cavemen and maybe cavewomen who were mural artists. These prehistoric mural artists wanted to create picture stories on the insides of their cave dwellings, and many of those stories are still visible to us now. Even today, murals, those large-scale paintings one often sees on the outside otherwise bland buildings, are created by modern mural artists who use the art form to beautify our surroundings and tell picture stories for the masses. A mural artist's studio is the world and his or her canvas might encompass an entire city block, the inside of a bus station or a newborn's bedroom.

Because the mural is usually created in a public space for the public to enjoy, a mural artist's work is often commissioned by governments or large businesses. When commissioned to complete a mural, the mural artist must use his or her imagination to create a piece of art that not only pleases those who are paying him or her to create it, but one that also makes a statement that can be understood and appreciated by the masses. Mural artists are wanted who demonstrate not only technical artistic ability but who are able to listen to and interpret their client's intended public message.

Before beginning to paint, a good mural artist will create a scale rendering that represents what the final mural will look like when it is completed. At that point, the artist will show the rendering to the client to ensure that the client approves, and any changes can be made at that point. It is much easier to make changes to the rendering rather than making changes to the final product and mural artists are wanted who are willing to work with the client to ensure the client's happiness. The mural artist then cleans the painting surface and can begin work painting the mural.

Sometimes, mural artists are wanted to complete murals in smaller, more personal spaces. While the invention of mural-like wallpaper has satisfied the needs of many homeowners, sometimes mural artists are needed who can create a unique, personal rendering that cannot be duplicated in the mass market. In that situation, a mural may be commissioned by an individual for private enjoyment. The process is just a bit different. For instance, the mural artist might pencil in a freehand version of the mural, which can be approved by the homeowner before the mural is painted. Murals are painted in babies' nurseries, dining rooms or even on the side of a garage.

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