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Here in a fabulous society where Lindsays, Hillarys, Kristins, and Blakes contend against one another in the leading jobs, Megan Fox has made it clear that she wants to stay very different when compared with her film business friends.

The second Megan speaks of her Hollywood influences, she clarifies that it's known that she was initially motivated to be an actress by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, and admits a fascination because of the mindset of this way Marilyn Monroe greeted a brand new persona. All these references to mega-stars out of the glory days of Old Hollywood, allow it to become very clear that Megan Fox is aiming for longterm durability with this profession.

Her individual styling can be an added step to just how she'd like to cultivate her image as a star. Her collection of slinky, mature evening robes as well as hair styles, are a visible indication of celebrities like Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, Hedy Lamarr and Elizabeth Taylor, whom all experienced prestigious careers as leading ladies.

Nonetheless, though she puts significant amounts of care towards how she looks, Megan Fox isn't going to need her appearance to eclipse her career. Some may well liken her to modern day pin-up woman, however in 2009, she told Maggie Bullock of Elle Magazine, "I really have things to say...I have a pretty amazing temperament, and i am pretty intelligent. You shouldn't simply write me off as a pinup."

Although she wants to make a reputation for herself based on her talent alone, her diverse multi-ethnic appearance, a mix of Irish, French and Native Yankee, reminds audiences of another exotic looking and highly outspoken actress: Angelina Jolie. The media normally takes enjoyment of pulling comparisons nvolving Fox and the Academy Award nominated Jolie, who appear to also seems to shy away from just being well known on her good looks.

Still, inside an October 2009 interview with Cosmopolitan, Megan did not seem flattered by the pressured parallels concerning her and Angelina. She explained, "People see a dark-haired woman with tattoos who's in an action movie...But I have nothing in common with her." She continued to more vocalize her disdain, kidding that Angelina looked the same as she did within the Tomb Raider films because she is "...truly a "900-year-recent vampire."

Having spent significant amounts of her childhood being grounded for multiple rebellious actions, Megan Fox nevertheless resists authority as an adult. She admits the truth that she dislikes to be bossed around, and even shared with Cosmopolitan that, "When you tell me to do one thing, I do the opposite."

It is also been noted that Ms. Fox is often given the roles of the villain to play opposite of the blond heroine, and should be cautious about becoming typecast because the bad girl. During a video interview with The New Your Times' Lynn Hirschberg, Megan takes it in stride, noting that a dark haired villain makes a good visual contrast to a blond character.

Megan Fox also enjoys an amiable relationship with the press, as long as the topic of conversation is her career, instead of her personal relationships. She keeps her personal life below wraps in interviews, indicating to Elle Magazine in June 2009, "No, I do not want to inquire into my personal relationship, period. It's private. It does not belong to the world."

Despite her coy relationship with the press, Megan Fox does not appear to be willing to get out of the spotlight at this time and definately will very likely still shock and entertain viewers for years to come.

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