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by Henry Switzer - Date: 2008-08-04 - Word Count: 311 Share This!

Face it, if you are losing hair or have experienced hair loss, this can be a distressing thing! With the advent of new technology and hair transplant surgery, hair loss today can be either slowed, eliminated, or lessened depending on various factors, which include your overall state of health, stress levels, and many other factors. It seems that as men get older, hair regrowth is more difficult. There are a number of diseases or conditions that may cause hair loss, and by getting to the root of this problem you may actually be able to experience hair regrowth, or at least hair loss may be reversed.

Major contributors might include a high temperature associated with the flu, thyroid problems and some medical treatments such as radiotherapy, medication side effects from interferon treatments and chemotherapy. Stress is a big factor in today's society and can be one of the main causes of hair loss. If you have experienced hair loss, there is a hair loss remedy available somewhere for you, thanks to the advent of technology.

People known to have a psychological problem such as trichotillomania have been known to pull out their hair. Also, fungal infections to the scalp, ringworm, burns and exposure to dangerous chemicals such as thallium acetate will all have a bearing on your hair loss. You are best advised to visit your family doctor if you think you have one of these underlying causes.
Another more common form of hair loss is Alopecia Areata which affects only hair loss on the head, or you could have a condition called Alpaca Areata Universalis where the whole body is affected. There are some people, as well, that have a condition called Alopecia totalis, where the whole scalp becomes bald. Either way you look at it hair loss is no fun and you should consider getting some relief for this grievous problem.

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