Four Predators Wary Of Winter Hair

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Dry - dry conditions, low temperature, wind, indoor heating the water will take away the hair, making hair qualitative change in dry, brittle, yellow astringent and dull, and even breaking bifurcation.chi hair straighteners

Countermeasures: A, best to use moisturizing ingredients such as amino acids containing the shampoo.
B, if the dry hair has started to turn yellow, it is best to use products containing moist herbal essence.

C, crack bifurcation appears if the hair, or fragile and easily broken, it is best to use special effects or deep hair repair personal care products.
Static - meets dry air and dry hair is static under the product, so the autumn and winter the most prone to electrostatic interaction hair, so hair knotted astringent, fluffy and messy, difficult to comb.
Countermeasures: A, anti-static to achieve the best results, be sure to use shampoo and conditioner after.
B, the use of wood or horny comb hair.chi straighteners

Dandruff - dry season always makes the hair less moisture, more prone to dry dandruff, itchy scalp so seriously, more like winter frost as scattered shoulders.
Countermeasures: A, clean and strong in every day to dandruff shampoo.
B, hair spray as little as possible. One week in winter because many people only take one hair product on the scalp and hair of glue down the dirt is difficult to clean, will increase the production of dandruff.
C, used conditioner after going to rinse.
Dust - dust fall and winter winds and more severe attacks, especially in the northern city of sand, often invisible so messy hair blowing, and contaminated dust on the hair is exacerbated by the wear between.
Countermeasures: A, not because of cold weather to be lazy, be sure to always wash your hair, a lot of shampoo.

B, moisture-based conditioner after shampooing dew is preferred.
C, prior to remember to use hair for dry hair conditioner to reduce hair damage hair.chi hair tools

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