Wigs For Cancer Patients: Hiding The Effects Of Chemotherapy

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Cancer is one of those diseases that bring sorrow to mankind in many parts of the world. There are so many types of cancer ailments. Regardless of the nature, the conclusion remains the same: suffering and death. While some people may be able to ward off death for some time, suffering comes in many forms. One of this is hair loss from the chemotherapy sessions. This is why wigs for cancer patients are also sold alongside ordinary wigs because of the soaring demand for it.

Using Wig for Cancer Patients

If you are undergoing or have undergone chemotherapy, hair loss is one of the expected consequences. While this is common, not all patients do suffer from it and the severity of hair loss is not same for all. So before you think of using wigs for cancer patients, it is important to first ask your doctor whether you will need one after your chemotherapy sessions.

Aside from your doctor, it is also important to ask from a hair expert as to the type of wigs for cancer patients that you will wear. Usually, you will be given an option between real hair wigs and those that use synthetic hair. Of the two, natural wigs are preferred because they look exactly like your own hair. This can hide the effect of chemotherapy, which causes a woman to lose hair and make her look less attractive.

Deciding on a Wig

Wigs for cancer patients are available from fashion stores. However, it is not really the question of where to find one that is important but it is more the issue of what type to use.
Between synthetic and real hair wigs, the former is generally preferred because it is a lot cheaper and easier to maintain. However, it doesn't look as good as natural wigs, especially if the wig's hair is not of the same hair a person had before chemotherapy.

On the other hand, real hair wigs look great because they are made from real hair. The problem with them is that they are more expensive than synthetic wigs and cost a lot to maintain.

But because they are made from real human hair, one will not be attracting curious stares from those who see the wig because they will easily pass it off as natural hair. So if you want to save on your wig expenses, synthetic wig is good while natural wigs are considered the best of the wigs for cancer patients although they cost a little more.

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