Hair Thinning Ideas That Can Help

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Thinning hair naturally occurs as one grows older. The problem lies when it happens at a young age. It is much more embarrassing for women than for men. For this reason, women try hard to solve this issue. Quite often if you take action early enough you may be able to solve the problem with a basic and simple hair thinning treatment. Here are some basic tips to get you started.

First look for the causes of the problem.

Aging is one main reason for hair thinning but genetics may also be a contributing factor. By checking your family tree, you will know if this is part of the problem. Also if you are a women, you should know that hormonal changes happen during pregnancy, child birth and also when birth control is used during menopausal period. When this happens, it is not a big deal as hair loss can be treated as the hormones can still go back to its normal level. However, this will take time.

To be certain, though, seeking medical advice can be very helpful in identifying the exact cause of the problem.

Medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation can be the reason for hair loss. However, after some time, hair should naturally begin to grow again. If you are on a prescription medication, you should consult with your doctor to find out if hair loss is a possible side effect of the medication.

Another thing is when a person washes their hair regularly and uses a blower for hair drying, the tendency is that the hair tends to become brittle and they might even break. This result to hair follicles damaging that produces hair thinning.

Here are some other factors that can cause hair thinning:

Stress. This is a severe block to a healthy lifestyle.

Genetic. See your history.

Protein, Vitamins A and D deficiency

Disorders in thyroid glands

Observe severe blood loss

Allergies to cosmetics

Imbalance protein diet weight loss

Too much mental disturbances


Hair thinning treatments can have a very positive effect when the problem has been correctly identified and the hair thinning treatment is used consistently.

Try one or a combination of the following:

Eating a balanced diet can help a great deal. Include protein-rich foods.

Organic products can provide more needed nutrients. Refrain from eating foods with refined sugar.

Taking vitamins B, C, D and E is very helpful as they directly nourish your hair.

Consider calcium, zinc, and magnesium rich foods to boost a healthy head of hair.

Get a good, relaxing scalp and hair massage and acupuncture. This is very effective in stimulating proper blood flow to the scalp. Thus, it enables normal function of follicles.

Stay calm and relaxed. Be light and easy. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many stressful activities. Stress will excellerate any problem that you may have, including premature hair loss.

Exercise on a regular basis, this will help increase your blood flow and help your body function at an optimal level. It is also one way to relieve any mental agitation or even physical discomfort.

If after trying the above suggestions for three or more months, if you don't start seeing positive results beginning to come about, then it may be time to consult an expert physician for a more involved hair thinning treatment.

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