The Craze For Gucci Handbags And Designers One.

by Jason Goldman - Date: 2008-07-15 - Word Count: 512 Share This!

A perfectly white or a black and white designer handbag is a must for all fashion lovers to have is what some of the famous fashion designer believe. This is also supported by the fact that many international brand names such as the Italian designer Gucci’s new collection displays lots of white and black and white handbags. However, is tough to select one handbag from all the other available, as the collection is wonderful. A standout handbag among the latest collection is the white CG fabric handbag with black and white colored flower as embroidery along with metal appliqués and black crocodile trim with black colored double handles. This is really an attention seeking Gucci handbag and suits more to the young and trendy part of public but worth with a simple woman is in no way diminished. Yet another mind-grabbing handbag is the Gucci Crocodile Hysteria Bag, the craze for which is beyond limits. Earlier brand Gucci was considered as one of the best-recognized luxury houses around the globe but it was felt that the bags lag behind due to lack of something extra. However, the hysteria line has ahs brought in the required extra bit. The Gucci Hysteria line drops the usual GG mark and makes way for family crest that adds the required touch that is appreciated. There are brilliant ostrich bags, and bags made of crocodile skin. A $300,000 priced Gucci Crocodile Trunk is capable of turning each eyeball passing by. Not letting the crocodile craze go down, Gucci introduced yet another such bag and probably the best of the season and covered it up in yellow crocodile. Thus, the Gucci crocodile hysteria bag was in. This is different from any other Gucci bag. The crocodile is very soft since it is made from the belly of the crocodile. The softness will allure you so much that if they provide you pillow of the same material you would not hesitate to take it at any price.

Now, we all love designer handbags, and buy the one we like at even very high prices. However, what if the designer handbag we have bought does not worth it? Yes, many experts believe that most of the designer handbags that are sold are fakes. Yet another discouraging fact is that in most cases we cannot spot a fake designer handbag. However, you can save your money by directly buying the designer handbags directly from the store of the particular brand or through the authorized website. Most of us believe that fakes are generally sold at lower prices and thus opt for the higher priced handbags but the sad part of it is that sellers also know this. Therefore, we need to be little more vigilant about the authenticity of the product we buy.

Therefore what you should rather do is log on to the website suppose and look at all the authorized official websites and then you would be served better. This is how you can suffice your need of a brilliant, original designer handbag with complete value for your money.

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