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While there's absolutely nothing wrong with going without makeup - in fact, some women look better without it - not all of us are blessed with perfect skin. Makeup is our saving grace. It's a way for women to appear as better versions of themselves, to add a little bit of space to your daily look.

Whether you prefer an all natural look that almost appears makeup free, or you're all about piling on the glitz and the glam, makeup is a fun and easy way, as well as a non-committal way, to look your best when you step out the door.

Recent reports state that women's makeup usage has declined by five percent since 2008, but 88 percent of women still using makeup are using makeup that's good for their skin - like Becca Cosmetics. According to these reports, the top products are moisturizing and SPF products, which come in at 54 and 51 percent, respectively, while oil-free and anti-aging products came in next.

Most women, however, will admit that they're still using the same amount of makeup as they always have - it's hard for ladies to cut down the number of compacts and palettes in their cosmetics bags and their purses! If you're one of those ladies having trouble cutting down, consider the cosmetics below - they'll help you ease away from such a heavy routine while making sure that you accomplish the basics and put your best face forward.

The first thing any good makeup user knows to start with is a primer. Primer is one of the most under-respected products in our society. Many women apply makeup, but only the professionals seem to know that any good-looking face starts with a great primer. Becca primer allows your makeup to become water-resistant, something that makeup can't do on its own. It feels clean and weightless on your skin, and contains a 100% mineral active ingredient (micronized Zinc Oxide, which is 100% natural) that is a natural UV barrier.

It also contains SPF 30 to help protect your face from the sun. which helps to prevent aging. It's an oil-free formulation and suits even sensitive skin types. The primer also contains vitamin A and vitamin E as well as green tea, white tea and various oils to help soothe skin and help makeup stay put. The point to primer is to help your makeup adhere to your skin and stay on longer, but it also serves to fill in the lines on your face so that when your makeup does go on, it goes on smoothly.

Next, add concealer to the bumps, bruises, pimples and red sports that still need some coverage. Becca offers a set of three coverage options - concealer, stick foundation and a multi-use brush. Concealer offers two levels of coverage (medium and extra) in one compact and has the ability to cover both broad areas of the face (say, if you're hiding rosacea) and areas requiring spot coverage, like pimples or under eye circles. The stick foundation has a soft, creamy texture that offers a controllable level of sheer to medium coverage, and contains SPF to protect against the sun. The foundation helps to increase collagen renewal and holds moisture in the skin.

After you've compelted that first layer, it's time for highlighting and blush. Becca's Beach Tint duo offers two cheek and lip tints (often referred to as stains). They come in Watermelon and Peach; one is more of an orange shade while the other is on the pink side. They contain the anti-oxidant vitamin E and are preservative and paraben free. Put a pea sized amount of your color of choice on your fingertip and smudge into your cheeks and lips too, if desired. This will give you a natural rosy glow. Stains are great products because they're two in one - you can use them not just on lips but on cheeks as well, and vice versa!

The final step comes with the lips - whether you like to go bold or natural is up to you, but highlighting the lips is imperative - it's as important as swiping on a bit of mascara or at the very least, curling your eyelashes. Becca Cosmetic's three piece natural nudes lip collection is perfect for the woman who wants to highlight her lips but still look natural. It includes a nude nougat-colored (peach toned) liner that is two sided offering dual shades in one pencil.

It creates the appearance of fuller lips on the lighter side, and the darker side provides an outline. Then add the brand's sheer lip color, which is scented like vanilla and caramel - delicious! It's paraben free and simply enhances your natural tones, making your lips look healthy, moist and full. It's also infused with shea butter, cocoa butter and honey. Last, there's the glossy lip tint, which offers a long-lasting shine in the perfect beige shade that's flattering on all skin tones.

Voila! You've now achieved a perfectly natural face - putting your best face forward is easy.

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