Domestic Goddess Aprons

by Sarah hague - Date: 2006-11-06 - Word Count: 392 Share This!

Become a domestic goddess, or look like one in a Jesse Steele vintage style domestic goddess aprons.

As a pioneer in the new wave of nostalgic apron fashion, these vintage goddess aprons are set to take the country by storm Christmas 2006.

A woman's place is anywhere she wants to be these days and the smart, modern woman wants to be seen there in these retro-chic vintage aprons. Designed in vibrant colours, flirty patterns and figure flattering shapes, these recent visions from a bygone era have become the ultimate fashion accessory in our out of the kitchen. As seen on Oprah and Desperate Housewives the apron is back in fashion, whether your organising an intimate dinner for two or feast for ten in these domestic goddess aprons you are covered.

These are currently sold in over 800 stores worldwide but they are about to take the UK by storm and are the UK distributor.

As online retailer have over 1000 gift ideas this is the perfect platform to sell these Jesse Steel signature 1940's and 50's flavoured apron chic.

The "Carmen" domestic goddess apron emulates Audrey Hepburn's classy, yet understated style with the use of elegant, sheer fabrics.

The "Pink Polka dots" domestic goddess apron is the perfect look for the girl about town - this fabulous print.

The "Ava" domestic goddess apron is just the cutest with the red cherry print and the flattering cut.

The "Onyx" domestic goddess apron, for the true fashionista amongst you with the stylish black and white fabric flatters any womanly shape.

The 'French Boutique' a gorgeous black and white french style print cut into a chic apon.

Repeat after me "I am a domestic goddess…..I am a domestic goddess!!!!" Sarah Hague newly created domestic goddess.

So no matter what the occasion, you will be dressed to impress!!!

Cut to flatter any woman, these feminine A-line aprons are made of the finest linens and cotton fabrics are which are sourced to create each stunning piece. The attention to detail in these domestic goddess aprons, flattering fit, combined with the prints and styles leave you with one thought in mind….."Which one will I choose its like Belgian chocolates, you can't have just one!

Jesse Steele vintage hostess aprons created for the modern woman.

To see the full range click below

For any additional information on these fabulous domestic goddess aprons please email or call 01926 691010


Sarah Hague
Domestic Goddess.

Sarah Hague
Domestic Goddess.

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