Underarmor Gear - What is Under Armor All About?

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Under Armor is a brand name of clothing that is the ultimate in protection for the skin. It is made from a light and flexible ablative spandex weave that absorbs the sweat from your body and distributes it all over the skin.

This was designed by athletes for athletes because they knew the problems that athletes had with sweating during intensive exercise training. This line of under armor clothing helps to regulate the body temperature by whisking away the moisture and bringing it to the surface of the skin. Then it easily evaporates so that you are not feeling drenched and wet after your workout.

There are many types of Under Amor gear that you can wear. The headgear line of the Under Armor clothing consists of sleeveless and long sleeved t-shirts as well as compression shorts. You do not even notice that you are wearing this clothing under your regular clothing because it fits like a second skin.

If you play sports that could result in you skimming along the ground, a line of Under Armor gear called Turf Wear actually protects your body from turf burns. The longsleeved t-shirt protects your elbows and still whisks away the moisture from the skin. The turf leggings have a drawstring waistband and grip strips on the ankles to help them fit snugly. There are even headbands to keep the sweat from dripping down into your eyes.

You can also have loose Under Armor gear and this is a comfortable choice for athletes who train outdoors. There is also a performance line of Under Armor clothing, but this has a slightly heavier material. All the Under Armor clothing is available in team colors, so you can still be coordinated when you are training.

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