Henna Can Give Different Hair Shades

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Henna is one of the most commonly used natural ingredients for dyeing hair. It is a very famous hair dye in Asia and the Middle East. For ages women in these regions have been using henna to dye their hair. Even in this age of science and technology, most women prefer to use henna for hair dyeing. Their argument is that henna does not have any harmful chemical ingredients like the synthetic hair dyes. Therefore, they use it without fear of causing any damage.

Due to this popularity of henna as a hair dye, it is mixed with different herbs to create various shades of color. Mixing it with other common herbs results in amazing shades. This article will give you an outline of which herbs you can mix with henna to achieve different shades. Happy reading!

If you are planning to achieve any shade from jet black to deep shade of chestnut, then you can mix indigo with henna. Indigo is a greenish blue dye which is extracted from a plant known as indigofera tinctoria or isatis tinctoria. One thing that you must remember while adding indigo to henna is that it must be mixed only 10 to 15 minutes before applying. If you let it sit for long, it will lose the color.

For people who have blonde, gray or pale hair color, there is a dye named cassia which is extracted from a plant named as cassia obovata. It will add a yellow-golden shade to your hair.

All of you who want to have any shade ranging from chocolate brown to medium brown; they must mix buxus with henna. Buxus is extracted from a plant named buxus dioica. When you mix it with henna it produces deep chocolate brown shade. However if you want to have a shade of medium brown then you can also mix cassia with buxus and henna.

Last but not the last, you can add amla to the mixture of henna. Amla has a property of toning down the usually bright red shade of henna. The trick is to add amla to the henna mixture half an hour or an hour before you apply it. Amla does not release color so quickly so you must let it sit for a while.

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