URL Forwarding and Redirection

by Eugine Campbell - Date: 2006-11-17 - Word Count: 395 Share This!

Webmasters and common Internet users have a constant need for URL forwarding and redirection. The reason is that there are many long URLs that are not convenient to use. The solution is using a URL redirection service that would create a shorter URL and forward the long URL to the short one. URLic.com is a new free URL forwarding and redirection service that meets these needs. URLic.com can instantly turn every awkward and inconvenient long URL into a handy and easy to use short URL. URLic.com also allows you to choose your own suffix (the part after the "/" in the URL), so the URL will be easy to remember and represent the page it refers to.

So why would someone want to use it? Here's a few common cases:

For Your own use:

Let's say that you often search for the map of Brooklyn in Google maps. The URL is


Of course it's not convenient to use and it's impossible to remember.

Using URLic you can create this URL: http://urlic.com/map1

This can easily be remembered.

For emailing and posting:

Let's say that you want to post a long URL on your website or in an article or just send to

your friends in an Email or to you customers in a newsletter. Long URLs just don't look good. With URLic.com you can create an Easy and Friendly URL for posting or Emailing.

For your website:

Let's say that you have a website or a webpage on a free web host, without you own domain.

The URL would be something like:


This is not easy to use, remember or tell people.

With URLic.com you can easily create a URL like: http://urlic.com/john

To hide your Affiliate link:

Let's say that you have affiliate referral links on your site, this links usually contain numbers and are not easy to use. Besides, many people know that these are affiliate links and don't want to click them. With URLic.com you can mask these links into short and good looking links.

What are the other advantages of URLic.com ?

URLic.com is a 100% WEB 2.0 website, built with AJAX. The meaning is that there are no page reloads of any kind, and the user experience is just like of a desktop application. URLic.com also allows you to choose your own suffix, unlike some other services. When using the automatic URL (without choosing a suffix), URLic.com will always give you the shortest possible URL.

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