The Best Web Sites Aren't Free

by Kelly Thompson - Date: 2007-01-18 - Word Count: 441 Share This!

The best web sites aren't free. While you may be tempted to buy an HTML book and try to put a few web pages in place yourself, it's worth spending the money to get a fully interactive web site online. Whether for personal or business use, today's interactive and dynamic web sites drive more traffic that yesterday's static sites.

What's the difference between an interactive and static site? An interactive site allows your users to participate in your web site and not just view it. An interactive web presence allows your users to contribute content and post articles. They can communicate with each other via online forums hosted on your site. They can even upload photos and video.

Web services, that is, the embedding of services provided by other web sites into your web site, make it possible for you to have a dynamic and interactive site up and running quickly and easily. Just a few years ago this wasn't possible; there were a lot of pieces of web technology available but they were incredibly hard to use. Today, for example, you can support the uploading of videos on your site with just a few lines of HTML. The work is done via web services, and the video appears on your site.

It's also easy for you to accept article submissions, stories, and even support personal blogs for the users of your site. Own a home decorating business and want your customers to be able to share the stories? No problem. Looking to showcase some of the projects you've worked on over the past year? Easy.

Today you can get started with your own dynamic content site through hosted wiki, blog, and site offerings. These sites enable you, typically for a small monthly fee, to create a dynamic, interactive web site hosted by the service provider.

Over time, however, you may want to create a presence with more advanced features that you control. In this case, you can install one of a variety of open source packages that enable wiki's, forums, and even online payments. This is a more complex solution since you need to install and maintain the software on your own software. Whether this makes sense depends on how much traffic you have and how complex you want your online presence to be.

An experienced web developer can often help you with the decision making process. Outsourced and offshore development resources, which are available via online marketplaces, make it possible for you to hire an expert web developer even for a simple consulting engagement. Then, if it makes sense, you can spend more to put in place a complete solution that meets your business needs.

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