Hosting Geeklog Sites----Leading To a Booming Online Community

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The weblogs are increasingly viewed as a cheaper alternative of expensive content management system. It makes no difference whether you are an entrepreneur or a man with opinions to share, the weblog system offers you the least complicated mode of reaching out to maximum number of audiences.

Today variety of Weblog-publishing systems are around, but only a few stands out in the crowd for their easy to set up and maintenance features and Geeklog is probably the most popular among them.

Today's user friendly weblog systems don't require that much of technical skill to operate them; you can acquire your personal Web space to publish your files, or you can also set up Weblog software on a server run by your ISP.

But availing the hosting service from a service provider like Frontier Power has its unique advantage:

* The Geeklog web hosting literally allows you to get up and running.
* Letting other host your Geeklog site saves your hassles with software, because a web host company has all the necessary software on its own server to host the files that make up a weblog.

Unique advantage of Geeklog websites

Although many are of the opinion that any kind of editing kills the very spirit of weblog, you some time need to regulate some aspects of contents of the site and for that multiple access to the content is required. The Geeklog application makes the multiple author entry possible by setting fine-grained permission levels for each individual user. This enables you to decide for your site whether an individual user can be allowed to take up such functions as posting, editing contents, uploading files or including more users to the site.

It is the interactive features of Geeklog like comments thread, reader polls, shared image galleries or mailing lists that can help you to build up a community of users with matching wave length.

Geeklog also boasts of an efficient calendar system; the system allows administrators and users alike to post information about upcoming activities.

Finally, Geeklog allows you to set up polls -- a great way to know what your audience is actually thinking. Geeklog also has the built in feature of offering your own RSS feed, as well as integrating another site's RSS headlines into your own page.

It is common to feel the need for more advanced features as you progress through your web community build up process. So it is always advisable to start with some advanced package as offered by the Geeklog, so that you do not need to make a mess in the midway by migrating from one system to another.

Among the feature packed weblog systems, Geeklog definitely stands out with its many unique features. True that it is easy to operate, but you can skip the technical hurdles altogether by assigning a web hosting company to do the job for you. The best web hosting service and Geeklog weblog---together they can make wonder for clicking it off with your online community.

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