Spicing Up Your Blog with 3D Animated YouTube Playlists

by Jeff White - Date: 2007-07-12 - Word Count: 460 Share This!

People have blogs for different purposes, some people maintain a blog purely for commercial reasons, and other people keep blogs strictly as a hobby. Blogs serve people in various ways and means and ultimately the aim is to provide the audiences reading these blogs with as much content and information as possible. Usually such information is written but sometimes a little something extra and visual is appreciated. We're not talking in the sense of pictures but rather video and movie type content that is becoming increasingly popular these days.

Strictly speaking there are a limited number of videos that we can afford to upload on most standard hosting packages and websites. If you really want to show your users video content then maybe you should consider YouTube videos as an option. You can find a whole number of videos on YouTube or you can upload your personal videos as well. Certain websites offer you the capability of creating playlists of your favorite videos and listing them on your blog. It's almost similar to the way you use other codes to display MP3 songs on something like your MySpace profile but in this case you're using codes to display YouTube videos on your blog.

YouTube video codes are a great way of displaying great content to visitors of your blog without going through the stress of having to upload videos on your own server. There's no limit to the number of videos you can use in your video playlist. If your blog is about rap music for instance you can use the video codes to display a playlist for some of the videos of the latest rap music available on YouTube.

You can think of other imaginative ways of using YouTube video codes as well and it all depends on how creative your mind can get. If you run a blog that offers advice to people, maybe a blog that shows people how to make stuff or do some DIY project or the other, YouTube video codes and YouTube playlists make it all the more fun. Rather than having boring graphic descriptions, followed by a whole lot of words describing a very simple process, you can simply upload your videos to YouTube and create a YouTube playlist. Using video codes you can now give your users access to your playlist of videos through your blog.

Of course you don't necessarily have to do all the hardwork yourself, a number of websites out there will provide you with the content that you need. Some people have content that is freely available for redistribution and viewing on YouTube, you can also use websites like YouTube-Video-Codes.com to create playlists of other people's content that can be found on YouTube.

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