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by Russell Hawkins - Date: 2007-07-12 - Word Count: 402 Share This!

Image hosting is a part of most web hosting services, providing hosting solutions for images instead of words. Most web hosts that host web pages do allow image hosting as well, but most times you have to pay for those services, or of those that are offered with no charges, you are limited to the size or quality of images you can submit. Free image hosting however is not a faux promise, neither is it too good to be true.

Why may image hosting be necessary? Sometimes a person might wish to publish a web page, but may find that his server at home or at the point of production is not adequate enough to keep the page running on the internet - in order that the published web page is to be continuously displayed, the server through which it is published must also run continuously on the internet. Also, a server also has to be able to support high traffic flowing to the websites that it connects to the Internet - what would be the point of publishing a page without the intension of having people visit the page? If the server is shut off, then the page also goes offline and becomes inaccessible to the public. Web hosting is the service provided to persons who wish to have their web pages up on the internet at all times but who do not have the means or support to do so on their own. Web hosting services may be offered free of charge or they may require a service fee, but almost all web hosting packages include free image hosting services.

Image hosting is a big industry today, drawing almost 90% of the audience market. In fact, almost every site wants to publish a video advertisement or a music introduction in an attempt to increase his market size. Most sites that provide free image hosting services however will limit the amount or size of images that you can post. For example, if you have a site that is dedicated to providing ring tones, music videos, large amounts of photographs or any other image in very large amounts or with very big file attachments, you will not be allowed to publish via the free image hosting service. On the other hand, if you wish to post images on a blog site or any other site with size restrictions, then free image hosting is your solution.

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