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Tired of spending more time planning your vacation every year than you spend on your vacation itself? Do you find yourself putting off that dream vacation just because you cannot decide where to go or what to do? Timeshares are just what the doctor ordered for you!!

The French are to be given credit for reviving the timeshare concept in the 1960s and presenting it to the world, the way it is known today. The simplicity and affordability of the concept soon made it popular in Europe and America.

Timeshares provide you a chance to acquire ownership of a leisure property for a short time. The company that has purchased the property provides part ownership of the property to many people like you at different points in time, thus jointly paying for its upkeep and use. Timeshares may be sold as deeded or right-to use contracts.

And what's more, you need not keep going back to the same resort every year. Timeshare exchange programs allow you to exchange the weeks you own at your home resort for the same or a different week at another resort of your choice, provided that the latter is part of the exchange program. Resorts and Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II) are two of the largest timeshare exchange companies in the world today. However, season in which your timeshare weeks fall and the resort affect the exchangeability of your timeshares.

The cost of the timeshare is not just what you pay upfront. Other costs associated with the purchase include the mortgage, closing costs and fees, annual maintenance fees, applicable taxes, ownership transfer fees, broker commissions if you are buying through a brokerage firm, etc. Account for all these too to compute the total cost.

However, when it comes to selling your timeshares, it's an entirely different ball game. Timeshares resales do not generally provide a profit when you put them on the market for sale as the supply exceeds the demand by far. But if you are keen on selling them, there are many resale companies that can help you, for a fee, of course.

Another advantage of timeshares is that you may also rent it or gift it to others or even will it to anybody you wish! Till then, try to recollect why you bought them in the first place and make the best use of the timeshares, while you have them!

All in all, timeshares are catching up as the new way to vacation for people all over the world and a little bit of caution in buying the right timeshares will go a long way in ensuring enjoyable and peaceful holidays for years to come.

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