Taking A Mini-Vacation With Timeshares Promotions

by Amy Wells - Date: 2007-04-04 - Word Count: 554 Share This!

If you are looking for a fun mini-vacation at a deeply discounted price, you may want to consider taking advantage of the many timeshares that offer promotions. If you agree to attend a sales presentation of timeshare ownership, you can often stay at a resort for several days for little to no cost. Often, other incentives will be included, such as dinner, or excursions. There are pros and cons to vacationing this way, but if you are aware of the promotions procedure, you can have a good time, and go home with your pocket book still intact.

To attend a timeshare promotion, you may have received a notice in the mail, or from a call center, or perhaps received an offer online. If you are looking to vacation in a certain area, you can find many promotions by searching online. You will usually need to meet some qualifications in order to receive timeshares promotions. Timeshare resorts are looking for qualified buyers, and they will usually have certain age and income level restrictions. For example, usually a $40-60,000 combined income is often required. IF you are married or live together, both spouses or partners will need to attend.

If you agreed to attend, you will schedule your vacation and also schedule the timeshare tour. Often, you will be staying at the resort where the tour will be. Some timeshares however, are off-site, where you will stay somewhere, and the sales agent will drive you to the nearest timeshare location. Most tours are 90-120 minutes in length.

You may want to schedule your tour at either the beginning or the end of your vacation, so you can enjoy your vacation fully without feeling interrupted. You will probably have the opportunity to discover some of the local attractions, and you may be given some sort of discount or coupon in order to experience these at a discount.

The actual timeshare presentation is usually rather involved. Normally, you will be with one salesperson, who will take you on a tour of the facilities, and ask you a variety of questions about your vacation needs and desires. There may also be a short video which outlines some of the other resorts and destinations available.

Usually, its best to answer all of the salesperson's questions honestly and sincerely, without being overly obstinate, but without misleading the salesperson if you don't think you are going to buy. For a smooth and fast tour, if you are agreeable, you can reach the negotiation aspect more quickly, and at that point, if you like, refuse to buy.

Timeshare resorts will want you to purchase right away, and will offer many incentives. After evaluating everything and if it fits in your budget, you may decide to buy. However, you can probably get a better deal on the resale market, and you should not be afraid to say no if the payments don't agree with you.

If you can withstand a high-pressure sales presentation, there are many advantages to vacationing with timeshares promotions. You will get to spend time at a resort where you may want to purchase a timeshare in the future, you will have a deeply discounted vacation, and you will get to enjoy an area that perhaps you've never been to before. Whether you decide to purchase or not, attending timeshares promotions can be a fun and frugal vacation.

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