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Worried about falling into a 'same time-same place' timeshare vacationing pattern? Break free with timeshare exchange!

Many timeshare owners deposit their timeshares in a timeshare exchange company. You too can do the same and then exchange your timeshare usage rights with another person's in the same exchange. So with timeshare exchange programs you can swap your weeks and also locations. Timeshare exchange companies provide you with an assortment of services and benefits to add zing to your vacation. Some allow you to even exchange directly with other members at a reasonable fee for each time, without any joining or membership fees! Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (I.I) are two of the largest timeshare exchange companies today.

Once you deposit your timeshare with an exchange company, the company finds somebody who wants your deposited week. You also inform the exchange company about your preferred location, resorts, unit size and facilities. But you don't have to wait for someone to take your weeks for you to get an exchange. If the weeks you request are deposited with the exchange and your weeks have adequate trade power, you can get the exchange.

So it all boils down to the trade power of your timeshares. The location of the resort is of supreme importance when it comes to exchangeability so buy into a resort at a popular destination. Needless to say, buy timeshares for the major seasons like Christmas or other holidays, which in timeshare jargon are called Red seasons. That way you have an ace up your sleeve and can easily choose any of time of the year in exchange!

To keep your costs down and to facilitate exchange, buy economically, and at a resort with low maintenance fees. As long as it is in a high demand area for a good season it can be easily exchanged for much longer than it would take for the exchange fees to catch up with your savings on the purchase! Buying through an agency with a good reputation, directly from resorts or from American Resort Development Association (ARDA) members is recommended, as they are typically hassle-free and reliable. Make sure that you get a clear title free from any legal encumbrances.

In order to avoid any confusion regarding when exactly you can first use your timeshare get all the terms of usage in writing from the exchange company, resort management and seller. And once you complete the sale, ensure that the resort has registered the ownership change so that there are no unpleasant surprises when the time comes for you to use your timeshare.

So make a smart timeshare purchase, register with a reputed exchange company at the time of purchase itself for variety indeed is the spice of life!!

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