How Hawaiian Visitors to Las Vegas are Buying Vacation Ownership and Timeshare - To Enjoy Hawaii

by Lori Wilk - Date: 2007-05-20 - Word Count: 306 Share This!

Most people find it interesting that one of the major destinations for Hawaiians is Las Vegas. They take a break from Paradise and all the tourists to go to the number one tourist destination in the world, Las Vegas. Hawaiian visitors to Las Vegas come to shop, eat, gamble, see the shows, and to check out vacation ownership.

When the Hawaiian guests purchase vacation ownership and timeshare, we always ask them about how they will be using the vacations they have purchased, where they will go, how often, and who will they be taking on the trips. So many of the Hawaiian vacation ownership purchasers tell us that they plan on enjoying mini-trips of 2-3 nights at a time, right on their own islands. They also tell us they'll be coming back to Las Vegas with the family and friends, preferably every year or twice a year.

If you follow the airlines rates and watch the market for airline price specials, you'll notice that your inter-island carriers such as Hawaiian Airlines and Aloha Airlines often have specials for the inter-island flights and that makes travelling around the islands much for affordable. When you combine airline specials and vacation ownership, which will control the costs of the accommodations, you have a winning combination to get Hawaiians on more vacations with family and loved ones without having to come to the mainland. Since 'everyone wants a good deal, they're finding vacation ownership to be that "good deal."

With some of the vacation ownership programs allowing owners to buy available last-minute unbooked rooms at their resorts at incredibly reasonable rates, the Hawaiians are saying "yes" to vacation ownership and timeshares.

Our Hawaiian guests are also very family-focused and having spacious condos to share with their family members instead of crowded hotel rooms is a huge selling point for vacation ownership and timeshare ownership.

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