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Time-share is a well-planned and internationally accepted vacation arrangement. It is a "concept" that is sold to people in the form of a membership. Members are given an ownership of a particular resort/holiday accommodation, for a particular time period for every year of their membership. Being a flexible concept, listed vacationers simply have to make an application regarding their choice of destination, every time they want to go on a vacation. Companies that offer ownership arrange these holidays by, exchanging members' ownership weeks with others. This allows them to choose from a wide range of listed time-share resorts, within the country and worldwide. At times, if there is no listed lodging at a particular destination, timeshare providers arrange for other accommodations.

Apart from membership fee, vacationers need to pay for lodging, transportation, and other holiday costs every year. The advantages of the system are guaranteed bookings, and an assurance of discounted rates, at star rated resorts and hotels. At times, people realize the system may not be beneficial for them in the long run. The first hurdle being, it may not be possible to go on a vacation every year. Other factors could include monetary constrain, work sponsored holidays, and children's educational needs. A number of members opt to terminate their ownership, but timeshare companies do not offer a refund for the remaining membership years. This leaves members with the option of timeshare resale. They can notify the holiday company of their intentions and request them to find a buyer. Simultaneously members may start searching for buyers themselves. Time-share resale prices are negotiable, and could prove to be profitable for buyers. During the period that the timeshare is not sold, members can rent their holiday weeks to others with the help of the vacation company. This helps recover a part of membership costs through rentals paid by other vacationers.

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