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Creative, original, adventurous, generous with a passion for life! That is the perfect way to introduce Julie Miville-Dechene, founder of Bijoulie.

Born in Quebec City, Julie has a passion for travelling and discovering the world. She has already visited many countries, including Bolivia and India, which inspired her to volunteer and help people in need in orphanages.

While searching for a way to finance her volunteering, Julie thought of buying or creating jewelry to sell to her family and friends. Initially, she was selling a few pieces; just enough to travel to India and Bolivia and continue her humanitarian work. As time passed, her sales increased and demand for her jewelry grew with no marketing at all. People admired the beauty, quality and originality of her jewelry and her business grew simply through word of mouth.

Julie was inspired to organize jewelry parties in peoples` homes after attending a candlelight party herself. This became a very successful way to introduce her product. Demand for her jewelry grew quickly, and she found this was the perfect time for her to create BIJOULIE!

Julie loves fashion and jewelry! The goal of her collection is to create different styles of jewelry so that people of all age groups will find a creation that matches their personality. She has it all, from the most classic to the funkiest!

Each BIJOULIE creation is hand made. There are pieces made of pearls, semi-precious stones, glass, and crystal all of amazing quality. Many pieces offered in her collection are Julie's exclusive designs.

We are very proud and honored to have the chance to introduce BIJOULIE's collection on this website. We truly hope that you will be seduced by the creations as much as those that are wearing them at this moment. It is now YOUR turn to choose the style that will make you feel beautiful!

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