Jewelry That Lets Your Personality Shine Through

by Cathleen Plazas - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 419 Share This!

Everyone knows that hippie chic is a style that is here to stay. From high fashion runways to the girl next door - hippie chic has changed the fashion world. However, with everyone buying the latest mass-produced jewelry from department stores, where has the original idea of hippie chic gone?

Hippie chic, the rebirth of a fashion and a decade that told people to be unafraid to be who they are, has made it to the forefront. The freedom and uniqueness of the hippie look have been combined with elegance and grace and have come into the mainstream. But what is it that makes hippie chic a look that is so popular and fun?

The secret is in the accessories. The key to the entire Hippie chic look itself lies in the ability to accessorize. Bangles, bracelets, and necklaces that stand out and make a statement can truly make or break an entire look. They can bring alive an entire outfit as well as give you an opportunity to really show off your personality and style.

The only problem now is the fact that everyone has bought into the hippie chic look, even if only with accessorizing. With every major store chain selling the same styles of hippie chic jewelry, you inevitably end up looking somewhat like everyone else.

So, what happened to the uniqueness? How can you be fashion forward wearing what everyone else is? And besides, is not fashion a way to express your individuality?

Other than the stores at the local mall, there are plenty of other places to find the jewelry you want, and pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. A group that has made beautiful hippie chic jewelry for years is Latin-American artisans. These artists make exclusive jewelry of all styles that cannot be found in stores. So where do you go to find these pieces? They can now be found online through companies such as Innovations Arts. Innovations Arts, a new company started by Hugo Puerto, allows these pieces as well as many others to be purchased throughout the world with free shipping charges for customers within the United States. Started by Mr. Puerto in order to bring more Latin-American art to the global community, all of the jewelry sold is exclusive and can only be found through Innovations Arts. With their unique style and beautiful use of different materials such as tagua and ceramic, this jewelry can truly help your personality shine through as you show off your impressive sense of style no matter what that is.

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Cathleen Plazas is a 21 year old college senior studying Psychology and International Theater. She is also the press director for Innovations Arts and has been working with Hugo Puerto since the company's founding. An Orlando native born to Colombian parents, with a keen eye for fashion and a heart for helping others she is very excited to be part of such a great company.

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