Moissanite Man Made Diamonds Deliver a Lifetime of Brilliance

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Moissanite, born from a star that fell onto the earth and scattered beautiful sparkling rocks for miles in the Arizona desert. Sounds like we were given a gift from above that brings meaningful happiness to all whom see the brilliance of these magnificent gems.

Scientist Henri Moissan is the founder of this meteorite whom in 1893 studied the fragments and found a new mineral called silicon carbide. In 1905 this mineral was named moissanite, in honor of Henri Moissan. In 1995 Charles & Colvard partnering with Cree researched Moissanite and found brilliance like no other lab created diamond. In 1998 moissanite jewels were introduced to the public.

Charles & Colvard Moissanite Lab Created Diamonds have been a new category in the jewelry industry for several years now. The demand has increased due to awareness and acceptance of women and men of all professions, big and small. These people are rewarding themselves with top quality Moissanite jewelry that only cost a fraction of diamond jewelry and look just as opulent.

The incomparable beauty of this man made diamonds "Moissanite" is due to the hand cut proportioned facets that are arranged ideal to a perfect diamond. The dispersion of a jewel combined with the cutting design results in the "fire," or the breaking of light rays into the spectrum of colors and is measured by the amount of colored flashes viewed when the jewel is moved in various lighting conditions.

Moissanite diamonds are rising above all lab created diamonds because of its brilliance, fire, luster, durability and affordability. In fact there are many natural diamonds that do not measure up to this unique "fire" that these lab-created diamonds produce. This merits Moissanite superior to diamonds. These gems have such unique properties that they truly unlike any jewel you have ever seen. This attribute applauds many to purchase and wear Moissanite to celebrate their achievements and reward themselves for their triumphs.

Moissanite jewelry features top quality styles for both men and women that include popular contour fashion-forward designs for engagement solitaire rings, wedding bands, wedding rings, three stone rings, solitaire fashion rings, stud earrings, tennis bracelets, and pendants set in platinum, 14 karat yellow and 14 karat white gold. This assortment of Moissanite jewelry can be purchased only from authorized retail and online Moissanite dealers.

You will find large selections of Moissanite loose stones for those who desire to create their own unique fashion statement. The available shapes are the ever so popular round cut that is even more brilliant than a natural round cut diamond. The Moissanite cushion cut can be mounted in most rings that hold the round cut. Charles & Colvard redesigned the Moissanite Princess to have more sparkle. The trillion and triangle shapes often replace the baguette cut in most engagement rings. But the pear shape and the oval shape seem to keep the traditional look with the baguette cut. And of course the heart shape rises above all on that special day in February. And last but no least the emerald cut Moissanite has gained popularity with three stone rings that are made for engagement rings. This wide assortment of Moissanite shapes are all inspected to make sure you receive only VS or better quality grade.

Charles & Colvard even decided to emulate the exotic green emerald gemstone. This green color is only available in the emerald cut Moissanite and sizes ranging from .25 carat to 2.50 carat with limited availability at this time. Who knows they may surprise us with more colors since gemstone jewelry is making a statement in the trendy fashion international world.

A true Moissanite dealer offers the limited lifetime warranty endorsed by Charles & Colvard. A limited guarantee that each Moissanite stone keep the fire and brilliance for the lifetime of the owner. Charles & Colvard guarantee that their proprietary gems will never fade, cloud, or change appearance. This warranty does not include loss, theft, or change due by intentional or incideantal damage. This official certificate of authenticity is to be presented with every Moissanite loose gems and Moissanite jewelry purchased.

Not being able to tell the difference between diamond verses Moissanite is an attribute that encourages celeberties to express their own style with Moissanite jewelry. Charles & Colvard recognizes many whom reward themselves for their triumphs with Moissanite jewelry are included in their symbol of achievers program. As you shop moissanite online you will see celebrity testimonials as a marketing tool to stimulate sales.

The correct spelling is "Moissanite" but you will see it spelled several different ways such as; moisanite, mossanite, moissonite, mossinite, moisonite, moisenite and moissenite. So don't worry if you have a typo because many online Moissanite dealers will use these misspelled ways as valuable keywords. In fact if you notice most websites will have these misspelled words composed in their content, just in case you to make this typo.

In your search for the best simulated diamonds jewelry you will find Moissanite dealers competing to beat the price of their competitors. Since the demand for Mossanite is not at its high you will be able to purchase these remarkable jewels at a reasonable price. But as their popularity grows the price will probably climb as well. As you do compare prices make sure you compare the quality of the Moissanite color. There are still some Moissanite gems that release unattractive greenish tint. So make sure you recommend the better quality color which is IJK.

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