Four Leaf Clover

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Four leaf clovers is a unique combination of the very common three leaved clover that is the usual norm. Some people say that such leaves bring good luck and fortune. If we talk in scientific terms Trifolium Repens is the genus which contains around three hundred and twenty species of clover. Since it is very rare and uncommon that is why, it is considered as the lucky clover that brings good fortune to you.

There are similar plants called Oxalis Deppei or Marsilea Quadrifolia which are often confused with the original Trifolium Rapens, but they are certainly not the same. They are neither considered to bring good luck nor are treated as a lucky charm. Oxalis Deppei or Marsilea Quadrifolia is also called as Pepperwort and the Water Clover.

By the name you can make out that four leaf clovers have four leaves and each leaf symbolizes its own meaning and significance. One leaf is for Faith, the second is for Hope, the third is for Love and the fourth is for Luck. All these are essential for leading a successful life and who does not want it. It has been said that our leaf clover is found in Ireland and also in some other countries in Europe and farther away in The Middle East and Asia. Many speculations have been made about the origin of the clover plant and that four leaf clovers occur because of environmental reasons. But according to biologists, these four leaf clovers are just a result of a genetic defect.

Just like the speculations, there are many stories and myths associated with the four leaf clover plant. One of them is that if a single woman or unwed girl, who is looking for a husband, eats the clover leaf, subsequently the next man she sees will be her future husband. Another story by a legend is that Eve carried a four leaf clover from the Garden of Eden to remind her about the paradise that she had lost. The Clover plant is often called as Shamrock in Irish as Shamrock is the inborn plant of Ireland. That is why, clover's pictures can be seen everywhere in Ireland and the clover plant is a well recognized symbol for Ireland.

Seeing such craze and enthusiasm for the four leaf clover among the people, some business men have started setting up farms where they grow four leaf clovers and then make studded jewelry out of them. They put the four leaf clover inside the jewelry to form exquisite designs of pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The four leaf clover jewelry is getting very popular day by day and some people often buy clover jewelry to gift it to their loved ones as it is considered to be a lucky charm and a symbol of good omen bringing luck to your way. Besides jewelry, these four leaf clovers are being made into key rings, bottle openers and other types of gift items. People are seen wearing clover jewelry on special occasions especially on St Patrick's Day in Ireland.

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