How Many Internet Marketing Secrets Can There Possibly Be?

by Allan Wilson - Date: 2007-01-18 - Word Count: 429 Share This!

Having the word secret in your headline has actually been proven to work but man I'm sick of seeing it.

Don't be drawn into having to have the next super duper software product or book that unlocks the secret. Can there actually be any secrets left?

While we are talking about secrets, have you heard about the secret of the secret that reveals the other secret which lets you in on the next secret?

Yeah right...

If they really are secrets then internet marketers are really bad at keeping them.

Some software (scripts) I really like so I'm generallizing here... But consider this...

Before being converted to Christianity many years ago I was a compulsive gambler. Now being in the gambling game it is amazing how many systems are being sold. Think about this... A guy says he is making $100,000 a month with this super duper horse racing system and out of the kindness of his heart he is going to reveal it to you in a $47 book or piece of software. Come on...

If you are earning $100,000 a month from your system why are you trying to sell it so the whole world knows about it (which will destroy its effectiveness) and why sell it so cheap?

Answer - because it is a con!

Now go and read some of the salesletters for various types of software and script products out there. One of the latest I saw was a guy who is making over $500,000 a month is now releasing the software for us lucky fellows as well.

Hmmm... Sometimes Internet marketing products sound an aweful lot like those horse racing systems.

Stay Focused On One Thing!

If making money with adsense is your go then forget everything else and just concentrate all your efforts on doing this one thing. After you are making nice money then spend SOME time branching off into other fields but don't get distracted from your main goal.

Block out all of the latest fads, gizmo's, guru advice, must have products, etc. One of the biggest enemies to your success is the time wasted away from your primary objective and the expense of buying too many products.

I envisage a video with a bunch of hares running from one side to the other - chasing after the next big thing or latest idea, while there is a tortoise going slow and steady straight down the middle.

Be the tortoise - let the hares go side to side in a frenzy but you keep your nose down going straight ahead and you will get there before them.

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