Internet Marketing: What Is The Most Important Thing That A New Affiliate Marketer Needs To Know?

by Rita Yeo - Date: 2010-09-26 - Word Count: 438 Share This!

There are some basic knowledge that any new internet affiliate marketer needs to know, so as to make a lot of money online. Here, I will take you through these crucial basic points which I personally have discovered during my journey as an internet marketer.

Couple of years back when I first embarked on internet marketing, I was fortunate enough to have a mentor who taught me the basics and introduced to me many ways of making money online. This shortened my learning curve and I have consistently made a lot of money online since. I would like to pay back by letting you know the basic factors any new affiliate marketer needs to know.

In order to be successful in affiliate marketing, the most important thing is to build a list of subscribers. What is a list? This refers to a group of people who are interested in receiving information from you regularly. These people have indicated on a form, that they agree to receive such information from you.

The main advantage of building a list is that you only need to do this once, and if you can manage to keep them loyal to you and build up a relationship with them, they will listen to you . So when you recommend products or services to them, you will make money when they buy. So the money is in the list.

There are many ways you can build a list. Submitting articles to article directory is one very effective way. This is because the audience is very targeted. You can also build your list from your blog, on facebook or on twitter. The more articles you submit, the more subscribers you get.

When blogging to farm your list, ensure that the content is unique and interesting. Also remember to blog everyday so as to engage your readers. This rule applies to your facebook and twitter page.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to treat your list as your friends. Write to them as you would your buddy. Engage them in what you do on a daily basis. Let them get to know you better. Once the relationship is built, it will be easy to convince them to listen to your recommendations.

One thing is certain. The longer your list is and the more loyal they are to you, the more money you can make online. It is as simple as that!

So any new internet marketer who wants to make money through affiliate marketing needs to build his or her list first. Concentrate on this task for couple of months and see your list grow. Then your money will start flowing in.

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