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Going back in history 15000 years ago, man probably wore the first jewelry piece in Africa. It was made of bone. It took some more time till pendants made their presence. The earliest finding suggests that antique pendants go back to 300 BC. There is a colorful description of a ‘lavender resin pendant in an ornate marcasite setting with one crystal stone', which possibly goes back to Hohokam town in Arizona in the year 300 BC when the town's culture was that everyone wore different forms of jewelry in bone, turquoise and shell.

antique pendants are now available off the shelf. There is this beautiful gold pendant from 324 AD during the reign of Constantine the Great! But that is not all. The Internet has made it possible to market antique pendants going back in time. There is therefore a 1675 French cross pendant, an 1877 Bishops Cross with coat of arms of Pope Pius IX, an 18th century Belgian golden diamond pendant from 1780 among others.

Considering that the Victorian jewelry period was during 1836-1901, Edwardian period was during 1901-1920, Art Deco during 1920-1935 and retro till 1950, the present day market is flush with historical pendants. You can pick up a precious rose cut diamonds cross pendant in 18 ct gold from the 1650s, an antique filigree locket pendant in 18 ct gold from the Victorian era or a Napoleon and Marie Louise remembrance pendant in 18 ct gold. You could order a beautiful Victorian medallion showing a figure with a winged helmet, probably Mercury, with a wreath of acorns and oak leaf in 18 ct gold among other antique pendants.

We have evolved from our ancestral days in our concept of pendants. The earliest pendants would have lacked the sophistication and the sheer beauty of today's modern pendants. But, this evolution would have been due not only to technology, discovery of newer metals and alloys but the manner in which man has evolved culturally.

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