Your Guide to Multiple JV deals

by Ryan Dodson - Date: 2007-03-29 - Word Count: 362 Share This!

As you all know, joint ventures deals are the most cost-efficient, easiest (once completed) way to get buying traffic to your site and make money overnight. If you have your own product or private label rights to someone else's product, then a joint venture with someone with a huge list will skyrocket your profits and success overnight.

How to Get a Successful Internet Marketer to be Your Partner?

You must first do a search for successful internet marketers with a big list (mainly those on the first page of the search engines) who sell complimentary products to yours. Make sure that your product only compliments their product and not compete against it. Next, make a list (at least 10 or more) of the people you want to Joint Venture with after your search. Now it's time to get down to the emailing.

Okay here is the form of the proposal email that you should send to your potential partners:

"I have visited your website. Congratulations on creating a successful website, it looks impressive. You and I are selling to the same group of people and I think it would be mutually beneficial if we were to become partners.

(Briefly describe your product and how it would complement theirs).

(Offer 100% profits of the first 10 sales, then drop down to 70% for all following sales-you have to give in order to receive).

Please visit my website (insert URL here) and email me back at (insert email address here).

Thank You"

Of course you should personalize each one for every person you email. You do not want to send out the same email over and over again. This is just an idea of what a successful joint venture deal would look like.

The customers who buy your product from your Joint Venture partner's list would also most likely build your list. And at the end of the day, list-building is what we really want to pursue. Because with list-building, you are selling to repeat buyers. These people already trust you and the products you promote/sell. They are much easier to persuade than first-time buyers. So use Joint Venture deals to build up your sales and your list, and online riches will be obtained.

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