Building Your List With Give Aways

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Every successful online business entrepreneur will vouch for the importance of list building. A new trend to succeed in this direction is to offer free give aways in exchange for the subscribers email address. In other words, in order for the visitor to download the digital gift, he must opt-in and subscribe to your mailing list.

The important thing to however remember is that the free gift offer has to be relevant with the subject matter you are dealing in. The visitor to your site has come here searching for something that is of interest to him. If your offer is of no relevance it is natural that he will not even attempt to proceed further.

Once someone opts in as a subscriber, keep offering occasional give aways so that he remains a subscriber for a long time to come. It builds trust and confidence and he will believe in whatever you have to offer subsequently. You have to be sincere in your dealings at all times.

The idea in this whole exercise is to create a list of people who have chosen to opt in and receive further information from you in due course. These are captive prospective customers who in all likely hood will one day make a purchase from you.

In order to achieve this get the following :

Squeeze page or Capture page

Digital Instant downloads


Traffic to your site

Over a period of time you will have a list of people opting to do business with you.

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