Can You Afford To Miss Out The Twitter Traffic Train ?

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Twitter Traffic is an outstanding way to drive targeted traffic to your Website. You shouldn't forget about other traffic sources but using Twitter is completely free and will definitely get a few more targeted visitors to your Website. You got me right, I said „free targeted visitors" in the last sentence.

Nothing is better than a never endless stream of visitors. There are lots of ways for you getting free traffic to your Website. But there is a big difference between free traffic and targeted traffic. You might have heard about offers sending out thousands of visitors to your Website from several traffic generating Websites. These offers are good to give your traffic stats a push but you won't actually generate a sale or find a prospect for your product. Visitors sent to you by free traffic Websites will usually leave your Website within seconds.

Targeted visitors instead are interested in the product or information you are offering on your Website, ready to break out their credit card! With my article I show you the Twitter strategy, getting targeted visitors ready to take action. It takes very little time and is easy to do.

What you will need in first place is a twitter account, of course. I recommend not using your personal twitter account. If you have different niche Website create a single twitter account for every niche Website you have. Please don't leave the default twitter avatar and background, choose an avatar and background image that fits your product or info best, because it will show your followers that you care about your account.

The next thing you will have to do is to deliver content - niche relevant quality content. Most of the content you will provide is created by others and will never include references to your own stuff. This may sound counter productive, but here's why we will do it.

We want to supply as much quality content as we can to our followers and unless you create lots of crappy content or outsource your content creation you just don't have the time and money to create all that quality content on your own in a short period of time. You will look like a spammer when you tweet only your own stuff every time. People will stop following you when you act like a spammer. By the way, „tweets" are the short messages called that you send out with your Twitter account.

Second thing of the process is to build a landing page or helpful blog post about your niche. This part will be the most important and you really do need to make sure to provide high quality content. But where do you find your niche relevant content ? Simply google for RSS feeds for your niche content, copy the link of the feed and paste the link of the RSS feed to your landing page or blog post. Make sure to select high quality RSS feed content. That will make your followers trust you. When they trust you it will encourage them to click your links in the future. The links you place in your landing page or blog post is the source to monetize the traffic you are getting from Twitter. The MOST IMPORTANT idea behind is that you place links to your products or information you want to share or sell. The text in the displayed link should contain a strong anchor text that will call to action and make them click the link that will lead them to your „money site". Here you offer your product or information you want to sell or share.

So, the most important thing is to put a link to your money site at the end of your landing page or blog post. Make sure the link contains a strong call to action. The last part of this process will be to collect an email address from your visitors or to get in touch through a contact form or to even make the sale. Because now you are having a targeted visitor on your Website seeking for information. To catch their email address offer a free niche relevant ebook or report through an optin form. Once you have your visitors email address you can add it to your email list and feed them with any information or products of your choice any time you like. Only imagination can make you stop. To automate your info or product emails simply use an autoresponder of your choice. Your email list will be growing and growing.

Every tweet you are posting will be of very high quality and will make your followers to trust you. When people trust you enough they will make your tweets go viral and at this point magic happens.

So, the most important thing is to put a link to your money site at the end of your landing page or blog post. Make sure the link contains a strong call to action.

That pretty much is it. The great thing about this is you won't have to spend tons of dollars to get started. Once you get used to the process this shouldn't take more than about 20 minutes a day. Give it a try, it's an excellent way to drive targeted traffic to your Website.

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