Why You Should Never Buy Web Site Traffic

by McKenzie Taylor - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 245 Share This!

There are so many reasons that I could give you on why you should never buy web site traffic from a third party. This is one of the most popular ways to try to boost traffic on the internet, but it does you no good.

Buying traffic means that you are spending your money on a guess or a chance. You have no idea what kind of traffic you are going to get and you have no idea where the traffic is coming from. This could be the same person sitting at home with a software program that visits your site over and over again.

Most of the traffic providers out there are just a scam to get your money anyway, but even the legitimate companies cannot give you any guarantee as to how many sales you will make from their traffic. There are many better methods to get website traffic than buying traffic.

Buying traffic is simply a waste of your money. You can get better quality traffic from a pay per click search engine, classified ads, or even from banner advertisement, then you will ever get from paying for traffic.

Start using the right traffic methods and you will get more sales and more profits. Stop buying traffic and stop wasting your money on companies that are not going to send you good traffic and are not going to guarantee you any sales. You are better off testing out any other type of advertisement, than buying traffic.

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