The Tweety Bird Basics: How to Properly Care for Your Canary

by Gail Leino - Date: 2006-12-15 - Word Count: 346 Share This!

The ever fretful Tweety bird memories of your childhood memories most likely linger in the backs of your minds and now that some of you may own a Canary, you might think that you know how to care for one. Keep them away from the cat and in the cage. Clean it, feed it and everything else should be okely-dokely… Not exactly. Helpful hints on how to keep your Tweety bird healthy and happy are just a few spaces away.

The ever famous circular cages that looked so elegant in their time may be very unhealthy for your pet. These cages mess with their understanding of special limitations and when they are outside of their cages, they have a very hard time maneuvering around things. The best atmosphere for them live in is of a square or rectangle shape that gives them plenty of room to spread their wings.

If you have the time to devote, a practice of free flying is encouraged in canary pets. Keeping them limited to a designated area or room in the house that they can learn will provide them with a wonderful environment to exercise but if they are introduced to areas where they are frightened and unfamiliar, it is a safe bet that they will hurt themselves fluttering about out of control.

They require fresh water daily and high quality seeds for food. If you can grow the canary seed, then it is a good enough brand for them to eat. They also enjoy eating foliage. Romaine lettuce, dandelions, broccoli and firmer fruits are amongst their favorites. Avoid greens that are excessively watery as it will tend to make them ill.

Everyone's favorite, cage cleaning, is an absolute essential to keeping a healthy bird. The floor paper should be changed once daily and a thorough cleaning done every week. Keeping your bird in the proper environment will also keep the healthy. Avoid scented air fresheners and some toxic woods as perches (cedar, cherry, and yew). No windy drafts and a variety of sunshine and shade will attribute to your birds health as well.

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