What to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

by Stewart Wrighter - Date: 2010-11-15 - Word Count: 523 Share This!

There may be plenty of occasions in your life when a puppy crosses your path and desperately needs a home. The humanitarian in your will want to adopt every puppy in need, but there is no sense in jumping the gun and winding up with a situation you are unable to control. Adopting a dog is a huge responsibility and it should not occur on a whim. If you are considering adding a dog to your household, you should consider a number of factors before making the commitment. You first need to be sure you have adequate outdoor space to enable a dog to lead a happy, healthy existence. Dogs need plenty of room to run and play, and while you can take them for walks on leashes, it is more convenient to just open the door and give them the run of your yard. To do this, you need to have CT fencing. CT fences allow your pet to be safe and free at the same time. Before adopting a dog, be sure you are ready to provide it the outdoor space it needs.

In addition to adequate room outdoors to play, you need to have enough indoor space for your new pet. Small dogs do not need much room and they will be content with little more than the space needed for a cat or rabbit. Larger dogs need more room and if you try to squeeze a large dog into a small living space, you are going to find a lot of your belongings crushed and destroyed. Cramped dogs also have a tendency to act out, so if you live in a small space, choose a dog that will be comfortable with what you have.

Unless you are living alone, others will have to adjust to the new family pet. Dogs and kids make great companions, but there may be a period of adjustment. Sometimes puppies do not understand how strong they are, especially as their bodies grow before their personalities mature. If you are bringing a dog into a house with children, supervise their play. While there is nothing wrong with kids and dogs chasing and wrestling, chances are good the kid may end up on the short end of the stick.

When you have a dog, you will need to take extra time planning family vacations and trips away. Dogs require almost as much attention as children, and you would not leave young children alone at home while you travel. A pet sitter may be the best option when leaving your dog behind on your vacation, but make sure the sitter visits frequently while you are away. Boarding the dog is another solution, but most animals are more comfortable and less stressed in familiar surroundings, even if they are a bit lonely.

Finally, when choosing your dog, take time to research the breeds that interest you most. Too many people choose dogs based on how they look and they pay little attention to the personality of the breed. Certain dogs are going to adjust better to certain situations, so consider your lifestyle and determine which breed will fit best into your family.

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