Why Should You Buy Barking Collars For Dogs?

by Sean Goudelocks - Date: 2010-11-18 - Word Count: 496 Share This!

You love your dog but he always barks and misbehaves. It is very upsetting for owners to have dogs that they cannot manage. All dog lovers would like to have a well-mannered dog. How can you manage barking which is a dog's nature? Barking is the only way dogs can communicate verbally and to express how they feel such as when they are happy, sad, hungry, irritated, amazed and just to catch your attention. Now, the question would be, does your dog's barking annoy you? Is your dog barking at anyone, at anything or at any time? Do you want your dog to be trained and behave properly? Buy him a barking collar. This is one of the best training products for your beloved dog that you have to invest as an owner. How do barking collars for dogs work? Once the dog barks, there's a warning audible sound he will get from the collar. When the dog continues barking, he will receive a static or electric shock or a scent correction. Check the list below to know more about barking collars.

1) Can stop your dogs barking in the most humane way.

2) This is the most effective way of training your dog to minimize nuisance barking.

3) This is one way to instill discipline and to stop misbehavior.

4) The most accessible and affordable in the market.

5) There are many sizes of barking collars. It can fit a puppy or a dog.

6) Your dogs will relate barking with a negative consequence.

7) The three kinds of barking collars are static collar, ultrasonic collar and citronella collar.

a. Static collar is the most effective way to train your dog because he will associate his barking with the electric shock that will make him realize that barking is not a good behavior. When the dog barks a particular pitch and tone, it will be triggered by a microphone to send a small electric current to the dog therefore he will stop barking.

b. Another effective collar is the ultrasonic collar which is like the static collar. The difference between static and ultrasonic collars is that instead of electric shock, it will make a high-pitched horrible sound that dogs can only hear with their sensitive ears. When they hear the sound, they will feel uneasiness thus make the dog stop barking.

c. The last kind is the citronella collar. When the dog barks, it will spray a minimal amount of citronella oil on his face enough to make him stop barking. This collar is very harmless to the dog because it doesn't contain hazardous chemicals. It affects the different senses such as smelling, hearing, feeling and seeing.

Your dogs are like humans too who have different personalities. There's no one size fits all type of discipline for every dog. They should be treated differently and with care. As owners, it is your responsibility to disciple your dogs. Before buying anything for your dog, always consult first the experts and choose which best suits your beloved dogs.

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