Deciding to Crate Your Dog For Training

by Kelly Marshall - Date: 2010-10-28 - Word Count: 526 Share This!

There are several different ways that you may decide to use to train your new dog and they are all very effective if used correctly. You may want to take them to training classes or train them at home, which are both great methods. When you leave the house though you want to be sure that your dog will not eat and destroy your home. Placing them into dog crate before you leave can help them to learn how to hold their bladder and also will stop them chewing.

Although crating dogs is becoming more and more popular many people do not like using this form of training. You have to consider why you want to use the dog crate and if it will benefit you and your dog. Some people love the crating methods and their dogs do not mind being placed into the crate when they leave the house. Although this is an effective way to house train your dog as they will very rarely soil their own bedding. You must never use the crate as a form of punishment and it is uncommon for the dog to be in the crate when you are in the house.

Some dog owners really don't like the crate method and prefer to train their dogs in the old fashioned way. This will be effective but there will be accidents along the way your dog may chew things whilst in the house. Although you should be able to train them not too this can become frustrating if they keep doing it. You have to consider if you want to use a crate and then see if your dog even likes the idea of being in the crate. Some dogs really hate it and they will be naughtier if you place them in the crate.

If you do decide to use a crate for training purposes then you will need to ensure that it is big enough for your dog to stand, sit and lay down in comfortably. You should place it in the corner of the room where the family spend time together and let your dog wander in and out of it. If you place your dog's favorite toys in the crate with their bedding then they are more likely to use it. Once your dog is comfortable with sleeping in the crate then you will find they choose to be in there quite often.

If your dog is using the crate to sleep in then they will not mind being shut in there when you go out allowing you to be happy knowing that your furniture and belongings are safe. Dog crates come in many different designs and styles and they are no longer simple cage designs. They are now designed to fit in with your décor and house without looking out of place. Although plastic ones are great to clean and keep hygienic if your dog likes to chew then you may find that they simply chew their way out of the crate. Whatever design you decide on if you and your dog are both happy with this method of training then this is a great step forward.

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