Are You 'Talking to Yourself' While Writing Articles?

by Ken Leatherman - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 451 Share This!

Are You 'Talking to Yourself' While Writing Articles?

Although article writing is a great method for generating traffic and gaining exposure online, many business owners fall into the trap of 'talking to themselves' within their own articles. This happens primarily because they love their own businesses, and want to share with the world their passions and of course, the details of the business and its products. They try so hard to convincingly make the sale, that readers run from the writing, rather than become entrenched in the writing, which is what writing is all about. Writers write to educate and entertain and if an article is not educational or entertaining, then it becomes just another 'sales letter' to a reader.

While it's important to let the passion about your business seep through, it's also important to remember the primary audience that is the focus of the article. This means saying 'less' about the business and more about the needs/wants/desires of the target audience. Every business is only in business because a certain segment of the population needs/wants/desires its particular products or services. Therefore stepping into the shoes of the audience, at least while writing an article is of paramount importance.

Keep in mind that any audience wants to hear 'what's in it for them' and any business owner can quickly become established as a popular writer if they adhere to this one simple principle. Making sure that you're telling a story, rather than preaching to the choir about your product or service is a necessary ingredient when writing any type of good article. It's perfectly acceptable to let a little of your knowledge and experience with your business seep through, just make sure that it's not in a way where the readership of the article feels as if you're actively 'hitting them over the head' with your salesmanship.

Any type of writing is, first and foremost, a storytelling medium. Use this medium well, tell a great story, forget about making the sale (this is an important, albeit difficult step). Sit down with your thoughts, and pretend to be a 'reader' of the article, not the 'owner' of the business. Ask yourself what you'd tell your friends, or your relatives, if you were writing to them about this service, and before you know it, the creative juices will flow and you'll have the story line of a truly great article. Just relax and let your imagination do the rest of the work and you'll have 'whiz bang' great articles each and every time!

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