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SEO copywriting is not as technical as it sounds but is different from traditional copywriting for the web. It essentially involves creating relevant content for web pages and optimizing the copy for high search engine rankings. Here are a few pointers on how to write search engine optimized web content

Use simple language

Keep the words simple and easily understandable. Avoid too much jargon or flowery language that may confuse the reader. If you must use a few technical abbreviations or terms, expand or define them in layman terms the first time they are used in the content.

Avoid using very long or very short sentences. Sentences should not run into more than two or three lines. This takes the reader a longer time and more effort to understand what you are trying to convey.

Use smaller paragraphs

Though small paragraphs are rare in traditional print media, SEO copywriting demands the use of smaller paragraphs. A small paragraph looks less intimidating than a long, dense one which will probably turn off readers. Use bullet points and sub-sub-headings for easy reading.

Use eye-catching titles

Mull over the phrases you will use for the titles - they should be relevant, catchy and should preferably use the targeted keyword(s) you are using for the site. Headings and subheadings should preferably be in larger font and/or bold. This breaks up the content into smaller, more easily handled sections and give readers a good idea of what it discusses even before they actually decide to read through it.

Make it aesthetic

You site should look pleasing to the eye. Use appropriate colors and images to enhance the site's aesthetics. You could even try fonts in color, but ensure they are large, dark enough and on a light background so that customers can read without straining their eyes. Provide a description or caption of any visuals you include in the copy.

Keyword density

Content should not be too densely populated with keyword phrases as this will result in a low-quality copy. Ensure that the keyword density is just right to make the copy appealing and optimized.

Link to relevant websites

Link your keywords to relevant content on other good websites. Linking helps create rapport with other site owners who may reciprocate later and it is an excellent method to publicize your own website. Try to get reputed sites to link to your website.

Do not include more than a handful of links per page or your site will end up looking spammy. Make sure each of your pages links internally and link to your home page.

Concentrate on content quality and product knowledge

Your web pages should be easy on the eye and have appealing content. This will capture the interest of visitors and convert them into customers. The web copy you write should be compelling and also contain information that is relevant to the customer's needs. For this, you should know everything there is to know about your product. Good product knowledge will make the task of SEO copywriting much easier. is an seo company specializing in internet marketing and website design.n
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