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Dog training is a method of teaching your dog to perform certain activities through obeying your orders. The most common behaviors include herding, tracking, hunting, guarding, retrieving or doing some simple tricks like sitting, standing, staying, rolling over or lying down. Training your dog is a way of making them pleasant to be around, safe to be with and safe around other people as well.

Dogs do not really have the capability of figuring out basic obedience on their own and need training to do so. The most difficult part of training a dog is when you try to communicate with him in a way he understands. A trick to overcoming this is to reward him when he shows positive behavior and ignoring or correcting him when he does something negative. But before you start training your dog, here are some basic things you need:

The Equipment:

A leash and a collar are perhaps the first things you will need when training a dog. Try putting on the collar to your dog first. He might scratch at it at first. Do not worry, this is a natural reaction. When your dog has grown accustomed to the collar, try attaching the leash on it but do not hold the end of the leash just yet. Let him walk around with the leash and the collar to help him realize that the things are not harming him. When you see that he is comfortable enough with the leash and collar, you can then hold onto the other end of the leash. Your dog might pull on it, but this is a natural reaction for as much as possible, dogs hate being confined. When he does not pull on the leash, you can give him a treat. The leash and collar keeps him in your control and keeps his movement in check. Although your dog might resent the cut into his independence, pretty soon he will become accustomed with wearing the leash and collar.

A clicker is also effective when training your dog. Clickers are small, toy-like devices that provide clear and distinct sounds used to either praise or reprimand your dog. If you have problems with the tone of your voice when training-maybe due to fatigue or frustration-you can opt to use a clicker. Dogs respond to the clicker through their associative way of thinking. When giving the dog his training orders, you can opt to click once for a positive behavior and reinforce it with a treat. Clicking the device twice and not following it with a treat reinforces to your dog that he displeased you. Do this technique every time you train him and pretty soon, he will catch up on the idea and know what it is you want him to do.

Another important thing you need when training your dog is of course the treats you give him! Dogs just love these dog treats and would go begging you for more! But remember, never give him treats when he does something negative. Good luck!

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