Dog Behavior Problem: What To Do About It?

by Lars Krogholt - Date: 2007-01-07 - Word Count: 313 Share This!

Many of us have lovely dogs, which are like a member of the family. Everyone in the family loves the dog and gives it lots of affection. We see it almost as a kid. But dogs are not kids, and we should never fail to make clear distinctions between our dog and our kids.

One of the big differences between dogs and kids (apart from dogs being animals!) is that dogs are driven by instinct and are not being influenced by plain reasoning. Dogs have a 'stereotype' psychology, which you can influence by some predefined schemes. Kids, on the contrary, have their own personality and psychology which is somewhat more complex, and you have to know the child and her story before you can influence her with her personal dignity intact.

If we do not train the dog it may suffer from severe behavior problems. It may be that it barks all the time and keeps the neighborhood awake at night. Maybe it bites the furniture to pieces. Maybe it has never learned to sit when you command it to, and when you are having guests, it jumps up and down with it's paws on the guest's clothes. What is your dog behavior problem? And what are you doing for it?

Dogs can be trained, and a dog owner ought to have a great awareness on dog obedience, as it is a key to a satisfactory life with the family dog. Just as most parents find it necessary to raise kids with a respect for rules and good behavior because it is best for the child. If you learn your dog obedience the right way, you will make it free to becoming a happy dog. If not, in the long run you will see an unhappy dog, in the mercy of humans who do not really understand it and eventually get tired of its bad behavior.

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