How To House Train A Dog

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The keys to successful house training are confinement, training, timing and praise. A dog does not normally like to soil its sleeping area. Therefore, keep your dog confined when unsupervised. Know its schedule and teach it a designated toilet area. Take it (on a leash) out to this area immediately it wakes up, after a meal, after a play session, or before bedtime. Praise it as it eliminates. You may want to teach it a trigger word.

When your dog is not confined, be alert to signs that it needs to relieve itself, such as an abrupt stop of play, circling and sniffing and running out of the room. If you catch your dog in the act of eliminating in the house, scold it and take it outside immediately. It is important to note that urination during an excited greeting is an involuntary, natural behavior in dogs. Sometimes called submissive urination, it can mean that the dog recognizes that you are the leader, or in the alpha position.

Reprimanding your dog in this situation may only worsen the problem, as this may cause it to urinate more in order to show further that it views you as the one in charge. Usually, this behavior stops by the time the dog reaches two years of age.

Again, no good will come if you give correction long after the act. Clean up any accidents with vinegar water to remove the scent; otherwise, the dog will continue to use that place to eliminate.

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