I Am Thinking of Buying a New Puppy

by Suzanne Bean - Date: 2007-03-11 - Word Count: 413 Share This!

When you bring home your new puppy, they are so cute and playful, jumping around and getting into everything, oops accidents everywhere. Biting everything, you need dog chews also.

All the pups want are your attention they are looking for someone to replace their mother. Your puppy would love to start sleeping in your bed with you please but do not let this happen; they will be there from then on.

Just think if you have a Great Dane, you had better get a bigger bed, so let us not start this. The couch is not the best plan either, your dog when older will then own your couch it does not matter that your company wants to sit there it is his dog bed because you gave it to him remember?

The floor with a new puppy is definitely not going to work at all unless you want to be up ALL night with a whining and crying puppy for its mama.

When your dog is older, forget the floor because his joints just got to sore from all the fun you people had together when he was a puppy.

The best plan is to go shopping for a dog bed before you get your pet and pick out either a small round dog bed or a dog bed that has a mother's heartbeat in it to help them sleep. There are all kinds of dog beds for small puppies to make them feel more comfortable and safe. I love the royal small dog beds the puppies can just curl up in there and feel like mama still with them. I am hoping that you have listened and have bought a dog bed before the first night with your loving puppy if not look up my site and rush order a dog bed of your liking, email me and I'll send it out as fast as I can because…..

When they start whining and crying at night it is then that you will wish you had listened. Now go look around the house and find something that is soft and warm; a nice blanket will work for the pup to sleep on and wrap it around them.

This makes them so much better I hope. Then pick out that dog bed so you two can be best friends and get on with the fun stuff.

Have fun and enjoy the times you have with your new puppies and the old puppies also. Bless you all,

Check out my site please. Suzanne

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Suzanne Bean; works at http://www.BeansDogBeds.com I have been living on a farm for 17 years and when I was younger, my friend and I showed Dobermans at different dog shows. Now I am selling Dog Beds makes sense to me must be my calling. http://beansdogbeds.com/products.html

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