Selling Real Estate The Right Way

by Gary Nelson - Date: 2008-09-27 - Word Count: 527 Share This!

So you've decided to sell your real estate, great, you've even picked the website you want to market your home on, even better, now you're sitting in front of your laptop and have already created a log-in, now what? In order to sell a property there are a lot of factors that go into this equation, aside from curb-side appeal, or lack there of, and many different pictures of your property, luring in a buyer with great descriptions and detailed specifications of a property is an absolute must. A home doesn't sell itself, no matter how great it looks or how many bathrooms and bedrooms it has.

Each website allows the opportunity to include a full description of a property, these websites also allow including specifications and amenities and so on. Picking the correct words to describe a home is very important because that will make or break a potential buyer, and it will eliminate phone calls and email inquiries asking questions that could have easily been answered in a listing submission on a website. Details are extremely important; if pets are allowed, include which kind, if there are association fees of any kind then include them as well. You don't want to leave any surprises for the buyer or any reason for them to turn away at a showing, even if a home is in less than perfect condition then that should be included as well.

Listing every possible amenity and spec of a property is a must; carpet, fireplace, laminate floors, marble countertops, finished basement, garden, new kitchen appliances, marble floors, freshly painted walls, all of these are extremely important and will not only paint a good picture of a property but will also encourage a buyer to make that first phone call to possibly set up a showing. Every possible detail and aspect of a property should be included in the amenity and feature section of a website. Now not all websites have the option of including all this in depth information or may limit you to a certain amount, which is why it is important to find a site that will allow you a good amount of space for these necessary details. Take for example, this website allows an unlimited amount of features to be added, and unlimited space for description and a large amount of pre-selected amenities to choose from.

The description is the part where you pitch your property, the most important part of the listing details. Don't write a college essay for your description but be sure to include just enough information about your property and your intentions for selling or renting your property so that a buyer knows what they are getting themselves into. Be sure to include how a buyer can reach you, even though there is a section for contact information, it's still important to show this information again so that your phone number or email address is a glance away. Whether you are a real estate agent or selling a property for sale by owner, all these aspects of selling a property are extremely important in order to stand a fighting chance in this competitive real estate market.

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