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Portable Displays are the best option for exhibitors when it comes to Trade Shows. Portable Displays are lightweight, easy to transport and durable making them top of the list when working a Trade Show. When your portable displays have great graphics showing off your brand, it's makes them indispensable.

A professional look is always desired for your booth, so make sure the portable displays being used are in great shape, clean and look just as nice as the product on display. Old worn out displays can be a big turn off for a potential client. A good tip for keeping your displays nice is to keep them in casing while not in use or in transport. Portable displays can last a long time and be useful through many trade shows when taking care of.

Portable Displays can be pop up displays, panel displays, truss displays, literature displays, banner stands, table top displays, brochure holders and on and on.

Pop up displays are considered portable displays. The time needed to set up and take down a pop up display is minimal and can be done by one person. These portable displays can show off your brand or current special with beautiful graphics in a large way - yet still be portable in design.

Panel displays are a great portable display for trade shows, schools, airports or really any environment where you need a quick presentation. Panel displays are a neat folding hinge system portable display and can be set up in minutes. Different sizes are available for table top use and floor use.

Banner Displays vary from a quick pull out retractable banner to outdoor displays and hanging banner signs. Banners are a portable display category with lots of options. Choose a standing banner for a limited space area or go with a large hanging sign floating over your booth.

Truss Displays are a larger portable display but still very compact, easy to set up and delivers a big impact to your booth display. Easy to configure and reconfigure in different ways a truss display gives you a good bang for your buck. Don't be intimidated by the larger size when it comes to set up and take down. Truss displays are made to ensure ease of use.

Literature Displays are a must have for every exhibit booth. These portable displays are sleek in design, have a small footprint in your booth and in most cases fold down and fit into a small carry case. Make sure the literature you take to the show has a beautiful stand in which to rest. Use literature stands out in the front of the booth and capture the attention of all who pass by.

Portable flooring supports a beautiful look to your exhibit booth while supporting the sales staff also. When configuring your booth don't forget one of the most important portable displays - the flooring.

There are many portable displays to choose from when planning your next show. Be sure to take a good look around at all of the choices in the portable display market. Choose good quality products that will be long lasting and don't forget quality casing for graphics and displays.

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