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Most people have been to trade shows, home shows, state and county fairs and other places where there are large numbers of exhibits. Many of these exhibitors move their product sales between many of these venues and therefore booths and trade show displays must be portable. The work involved in setting up and then taking down a sales venue in a relatively short period of time can be very difficult and time consuming. The displays, including roll up stand, must also be visually stimulating and have the ability to bring a consumer in to speak with you.

Many vendors use a banner stand to make their booths more eye-catching. Banners have long been a way for us to communicate with one another and a banner makes an ideal introduction. An exhibitor however must be cautious in what his banner is saying to people. They will want their displays and display stands to make the best presentation in the least amount of time. They will also want to display the banner in the most attractive way possible to attract consumers.

Roll up stands have become a popular way to display banners at many of these exhibitions. The ease of use and portability become important qualifications for someone who must remove their banner and displays every week or so. Other displays must also be portable, and the easier to move the better. Of course, in addition to portability, all of the presentation materials must be structurally sound to avoid injury to the vendor and the consumers.

Because an exhibitors has a relatively short period of time to attract the eye of the customer, the vendor usually puts a lot of thought into his presentation. With so many other booths and stands competing for a similar consumer base, it is important to look over your booth before the exhibition. Approach it from the point of view of the consumer and decide if the product appeals to you.

Because no two exhibit halls will be the same, a vendor must insure that his displays are constructed to be placed in a variety of ways. Displays and banners may be able to make a wall, giving the illusion of a commercial business space. Maybe the area is smaller than others and displays must be able to be placed higher or lower in your assigned area. Attracting the eye of the consumer will be easier with a mobile system that allows you to place your displays to best advantage.

Some exhibitors may not have their own booth and use a display booth rental unit. Many vendors may not have the funds for a full booth and this may be a way to begin to sell your product with a minimum outlay of cost. This can also help keep the amounts of materials that must be moved down to a more manageable amount. Because most vendor owned booths will also be designed to attract customers, if using a rental booth, you must be very sure to make your displays as attractive as possible.

The beauty and visual stimulation of your presentation and placement can begin to overcome any disadvantage you have with a rental booth. And many of the rental booths may be better constructed and attractive than other designs simply because they are not meant to be as portable. They may also be larger giving you more room for your merchandise. They may also be constructed to help in the presentation of your merchandise.

Because consumers will be blasted with visual and auditory signals as they enter the exhibits it is important for you to put your best foot forward. Displays should be presented in the most attractive ways possible. Various types of presentations and stands can help you in your quest for both more consumers and for portability. It is up to each exhibitor to decide for themselves which options they will choose to make their business a success.

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