Banner Displays - a Great Portable Display

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Banner Displays are considered one of the most portable displays when used for trade shows. They come in a variance of sizes, but whatever the height and width you can be sure it will be portable, compact and easy to travel with. Banner displays can travel with you easily to a trade show, a retail event or stay in use continuously in your place of business.

Banner Displays get the job done when it comes to getting your message across in smaller spaces with a streamline taller feel. Depending on where the display is set up you can get a clear message across to buyers with a single banner display. Or if you prefer to spread things out horizontally place your displays side by side and create a larger message with continuous graphics. Some would use this wider technique as a back wall for their exhibit booth.

The Banner display is perfect for a company that has changing needs in a trade show presentation. Banner displays allow the exhibitor to change out the graphics in a flash making it one of the most flexible of the trade show displays. For this same reason, the banner display is hard to beat when it comes to pricing. After the initial price of the stand itself, the graphics are interchangeable making it a real money saver. Another great asset the banner display lends to the exhibitor is the easy set up and break down. Most banner displays require no tools and can be set up by one person in a matter of minutes.

Types of Banner Displays
Many of the Banner Displays offered today have the advantage of being double-sided, bringing great exposure with a small footprint. Other banners are very versatile having the option to extend your graphic image both horizontally and vertically at the same time. Exhibitors also have the option of hanging banner displays above the exhibit booth increasing the visual impact throughout the convention hall.

Outdoor banner displays have their own set of features. Many of the taller ones have a base for adding water or sand to keep the banner stable in high winds. Others are more of a billboard type display being lower to the ground displaying in a wider format. All have the ability to stand up to any outdoor elements thrown at them while also giving you the option to use them indoors. Banner displays have a timeless quality about them, so where ever you utilize them they are sure to attract attention and bring you years of usability.

Also consider lighting on your banner display. Lighting is usually placed at the top of the banner and shines directly on it. Lighting can make a huge difference in the presentation of the banner thus making your graphic stand out all the more.

Most banners will serve a different purpose and come with different accessories so it's a good idea to do some looking around before you buy your first banner display. Don't think of it as a chore though. Have fun and find something you will be proud to display and show off to your customers.

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