The 2 Ways That Agriculture Has Caused The Current Decline In World Health

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Archaeological findings continue to show the trend that health has declined ever since we developed from hunter-gatherers to an agrarian society. Tooth decay and disease can in fact be traced far back to ancient civilizations. With the introduction of agriculture humanity has slowly begun to disrupt the natural process of life on our planet, which has developed over millions of years. Very recently, over the last century in fact, we have taken the next step to industrial agriculture. This destructive process has begun to accelerate the detrimental biological effects on the environment and biochemical effects on the human body and other living organisms that agriculture creates.

The change from hunter gatherer to agriculturalist was made around 10 - 20,000 years ago. The reason for this may have varied, from being forced to cultivate crops due to animal extinction during the ice age or whether it was just human intelligence creating an easier way to survive. Starvation and the once essential human need to retain nutrients became less of an issue as crops were harvested and animals domesticated offering a fairly constant food supply. Unfortunately this whole process disrupts not only the processes in the human body but also the processes by which all living things are able to survive in harmony.

The 2 ways agriculture has caused the current decline in world health

1. Plant life

In order to make room for crops and animals, tree's were felled in order to produce wide open spaces. Now this creates problems, tree's play an important role in the availability of nutrients to plants. This is very important to those who rely on them for consumption, in otherwords us! Everything that we eat stems directly from plant life, whether it is through consuming the animals that consume them or through the consumption of fruit and vegetables directly.

2. Animal life

By domesticating animals they no longer reieve the goodness from a diet that should vary in different plant foods. If the nutrients in the meats and dairy products are directly influenced by the diet and life-style of the animal that created them, then domestication although increasing availability, reduces nutritional quality.

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