Stay Loose With Exercise And High-Fiber Foods

by Michael Russell - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 567 Share This!

Are you miserable due to constipation? Don't want to talk about it? No one can blame you. It certainly isn't the most pleasant subject to talk about either. Sometimes it can be a little tough trying to stay regular. But it can be easier than you think. And once you discover its ease you'll enjoy the regularity so much you won't want to go back to your old habits. Why would you want to return to those days of uncomfortable irregularity? There's a better way to live. Read on.

Just in case you weren't paying attention to your mother's 'eat your oatmeal ' speech when you were a child or your doctor's similar echo about getting more fiber in your diet, here it is again. By all means do eat your oatmeal, especially the unadulterated kind, whole, rolled oats. Contrary to popular belief, the fiber that you need to stay regular is in the whole grain rolled oats not the refined oats. Don't let the word refined fool you. It may be okay in describing culturally sophisticated and polished people but it does absolutely nothing for oatmeal, nor can it offer you any healthful benefits toward keeping you regular.

Besides the oats, there are many other wonderful high-fiber foods that you can simply make a point of eating more of. It's probably high time you tried some new foods. Eating a variety of foods usually insures a better chance of getting more fiber in your diet. Plan to get more acquainted with your local grocery store so you can discover these new foods.

A few high-fiber foods that are reputed to be helpful in maintaining regularity are fresh apples, peaches, figs, carrots, cabbage, legumes, seeds and whole grains. And not to be left out is every grandmother's old-fashioned and all-time favorite - the wrinkled prune. Although some may laugh and tease prune enthusiasts, prunes are still around and in much demand today and are still considered a faithful friend to many constipation sufferers. They are easy and convenient enough to include in cereals, many culinary dishes or in lunch boxes, purses or pockets for snacks. Even if you're extremely busy, you can at least carry some prunes to have handy in between appointments. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor that you will actually thank yourself for time and time again. You will have discovered like many others that the prune can be your secret weapon to ward off constipation.

Another speech you might have snoozed on or just plain ignored when mom or your doctor was giving out advice is the one about getting enough exercise. When mom seemed to always encourage you to go outdoors when you were a kid, it wasn't always to get rid of you and the noise you made. Mom knew it was important to encourage you to get outdoors for a good dose of fresh air and sunshine and to let you rip and run around the neighborhood either on foot or on your bicycle for that necessary exercise. That exercise helped to keep you regular and free from many ailments during your childhood whether you remember it or not. Mom really did know what was best.

Now that you've had a chance to revisit your missed childhood speeches from mom and the most recent pieces of advice from your doctor and really listen this time around, hopefully you will now take the steps to help yourself.

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